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Computer basics Internet Skills
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Test your computer skills

Test your understanding of computers

Have a go at finding out how much you know about computers. This is a good place to start... Source: TEIA

Computer Basics

Computer Basics

A series of simple workshops and videos to help you start to learn about computers.  Source:

Using the Internet

Internet Skills

- Basic Internet Understanding

- Google

- Facebook

- Mozilla Firefox

- Computers


- Internet Explorer 8

- Internet Safety

- Internet Safety for Kids

- Social Media

- Email Basics



Find out more about the Internet

Find out more about the Internet: This is a series of learning activities about using the Internet, searching the web and sending emails.  Source:

Windows - Operating system


Understanding how the Windows operating system actually makes your computer work will only enhance and improve your computer skills.  Source:

Word - Word processing

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing software, is used to produce documents both home and work.  Source:

Excel - Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel

This is a spreadsheeting application that assists you to create spreadsheets and workbooks in Microsoft Excel.  Source:

PowerPoint - Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

This application helps you to create presentations.  Source:

Publisher - Print Design

Microsoft Publisher

This application helps you to design brochures, business cards, newsletters and more.  Source:

Open Office - An alternative to Micrsoft Office

Open Office

This is a free office suite (i.e. a collection) of applications that helps you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.  Source: