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Learning Objects


Here is a range of learning objects that may be used directly by learners. These activities are generally self paced and enable the learner to progress at their own pace through a range of topics associated with seeking, gaining and sustaining a job.


Job Hunters

Job Hunters: A 'Detroit' activity to help you search for and apply for jobs. (Will be ready for 1 August 2011).  Source: TEIA


Career Pathways

Career Pathways: How do you select the jobs you might have the skills for or be interested in?  Source: TEIA


Solving problems and being safe

Solving problems and being safe: Check out this game - you'll need to investigate, solve problems, write the clues and write a report. Can you solve the case of the hazardous cola bottle?  Source: TEIA


Workers unite

Workers Unite: This long term game lets you look at how to employers and bosses work together.  Source: DETA


My business rulz!

My business rulz!: Thinking about starting your own small business? Perhaps that is your way to get ahead. If so play this game and keep your journal as you try and work out your own business.  Source: 


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