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Welcome to the resource repository of Pro-Literacy Detroit.

This site supports Detroit's adult learning community and contains resources for:

- Literacy tutors (videos providing exemplar strategies; resources; explanations of tutoring strategies, etc.);

- Learners seeking resources and learning activities to help their reading, writing and math;

- Learners wishing to improve their computer skills;

- Building skills that improve a person's employability (work language and manners, writing a resume, etc.)

The Palms Building

Pro-Literacy Detroit is located on the fourth floor of the Palms Building, 2111 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.

Our tutors, as well as other literacy groups, work across Detroit enhancing the lives and opportunities of our citizens.

Through the use of technology, we hope that learners gain a great flexibility to participate and also learn in a range of locations.

Computer Skills Employability Skills
Literacy Skills Numeracy Skills
Tutor Training Resources