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Here is a range of learning objects that may be used directly by learners. These activities are generally self paced and enable the learner to progress at their own pace through a range of topics associated with numeracy (i.e. math skills).

Find out more about telling the time Basic Skills: Addition and Subtraction
Work on your maths skills Basic Skills: Multiplication and Division
  Basic Skills: Decimals and Percent
  Basic Skills: Money
  Basic Skills: Fractions
Survival Math Skills  
Counting pills Count change
Use an ATM Cash back
Checking grocery shelves Deposit money or a cheque
Pay bills Check your receipt
Compare labels Pay your tax
Using a vending machine  

Find out more about telling the time

Find out more about telling the time: This set of learning activities looks at how to tell the time. It looks at time displays on digital and analogue clocks, in 12-hour and 24-hour time. It also provides activities around taking phone messages that involve time and reading timetables.


Work on your maths skills

Work on your maths skills: This set of learning activities aims to help improve maths skills. It provides activities to build numeracy skills relating to reading and writing whole numbers, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as using a calculator. Some maths games that apply these skills are also included, as well as activities relating to automatic teller machines (ATMs), shopping, and using maps and timetables.


Basic Skills: Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction: Picking up basic math skills can be simple and easy with the tips and techniques provided in this basic math tutorial on addition and subtraction. Also includes how to use a calculator to assist with addition and subtraction calculations.


Basic Skills: Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division: The tips and techniques provided in this basic math tutorial make calculating multiplication and division simple, easy and fun.


Basic Skills: Decimals and Percent

Decimals and Percents: This basic math tutorial offers simple and easy techniques for working with and converting decimals and percents, including how to deal with them when shopping


Basic Skills: Money

Money: Money Basics discusses money management, banking, retirement planning, and more. Start learning the skills you need to better manage your money.


Basic Skills: Fractions

Fractions: With the simple and easy techniques of this basic math tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding of fractions, in addition to learning how to work with common denominators, reducing and improper fractions.


Survival Skills: Count pills

Count pills: In this activity, you interpret a chart to take the correct amount of each vitamin on a given day. A clock lets you know what day it is, and a chart lets you know how many of each pill to take. This activity is an easy pill to swallow!


Survival Skills: Count change

Count change: Practice using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to count out exact change. A counter will help you know how much you have already counted. Use a specific coin -- or a combination of all the coins -- to reach your goal. The choice is yours.


Survival Skills: Cash back

Cash back: Try your hand at counting back cash using any combination of "big bills." Watch a counter to know when you've reached the correct amount. Don't give your customer back too much or too little. And don't take too long or you may frustrate the other customers waiting in line!


Survival Skills: Use an ATM

Using an ATM: Practice using an ATM in this realistic simulation. Steps include: inserting ATM card, entering PIN, choosing a transaction type, choosing an account, checking your balance, withdrawing money, completing the transaction, and taking your card and receipt. Safe ATM practices are encouraged, as well.


Survival Skills: Deposit money or a cheque

Deposit money or a cheque: This activity lets you practice endorsing a check for deposit, and filling out a deposit slip. The deposit slip requires that you locate the date, cash deposit amount, check deposit amount, subtotal, and deposit total on all available "cheat sheets."


Survival Skills: Check your receipt

Check your receipt: Make sense out of all the numbers on you grocery receipt. Find prices for specific items, and locate the order subtotal and total. Don't let the cashier worry you too much...he's kind of creepy, but he's harmless.


Survival Skills: Checking grocery shelves

Checking grocery shelves: This video-activity combination lesson lets you find specific items on grocery store shelves. Compare product labels, prices, and cost per unit information to determine which item to put in your cart.


Survival Skills: Pay bills

Pay bills: Test your scanning skills with this bill paying activity. Open the bills that have piled up on your desk, then locate specific information on them. Practice finding your account number, current charges, past due amounts, and more. Paying your bills has never been this painless -- it won't cost you a thing!


Survival Skills: Compare labels

Compare labels: Exercise your comparison skills with this interactive shopping lesson. Use product, nutrition, and cost labels to find the items you need. Load them into your shopping cart, and you're good to go.


Survival Skills: Pay your tax

Pay your tax: 1099s, W2s, 1098s. Make sense of all the tax documents that appear in you mailbox each tax season. This activity lets you practice finding the numbers you need to include on your income tax return. If you make a mistake here, you pay no penalties and you won't be audited!


Survival Skills: Using a vending machine

Using a vending machine: This activity finds you hungry and thirsty, with money in your pocket for the vending machines. First, you must determine which machines take coins or bills. Then, use appropriate bills or coins to make and pay for a selection. But, please, don't shake the machine if your selection becomes lodged in the window -- your computer can't take the abuse!